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My 3 Favourite Protein Boosters You Need To Be Adding To Your Morning Smoothie

Good morning lovelies, today I’m going to share three of my favourite protein boosters for you to add to your smoothies. Lots of my clients have been asking me for ways to mix up their smoothies, as well as easy ways to include enough protein, without having to add a full scoop of protein powder that ends up dominating the smoothie (no one wants that).

Now I don’t use a lot of protein powder and much prefer adding in these protein boosters to help increase my protein levels, give me energy, help keep me full and also repair and restore my muscles after a workout.

So here you go, my three favourite protein boosters to add to your morning smoothie….

Chia Seeds 

I don’t know about you, but I love chia seeds. I love them in my chia puddings, in my porridge and bircher, most most importantly I love them in my smoothies. This is because they are really high in omega-3 fatty acids (which are great if your Vegan or plant-based like me). They keep you full and they are also a great source of protein. Just 2 tbsp of chia seeds = 4 grams of protein, which is a really great amount for such a small seed. I love to soak mine in a little water or almond milk while I make the smoothie and then at the end I quickly blitz them, to help break them down. Why not try checking out my feijoa and ginger winter green smoothie which tastes great with a few tsp of chia seeds added to it. 

Peanut Butter

I mean who doesn’t love peanut butter!!! I add it to my brown rice cakes, I eat it with a few medjool dates for an afternoon snack and I also add it to my smoothies to increase the amount of protein and also to make it a really creamy, delicious smoothie. Did you know that just 2 tbsp of peanut butter has a whopping 8grams of protein!!! How great is that. Peanut butter goes really well with this any kind of berry smoothie, so why not try whipping up this one tomorrow and see how you find it.


Ok I know a lot of people hate spirulina but I had to add it in because it truly is a super food. It’s rich in protein (1 tbsp of protein = 4 grams of protein), it’s also rich in omega- 3 fatty acids, it has a bunch of minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium and it also gives you a huge boost of energy, which is exactly why it’s a morning smoothie must for me. Why not try adding ½ a tsp to your next green smoothie and seeing how you find it. Once you get use to the taste you can then start to slowly increase it. I personally love adding it this berry smoothie and also to this chocolate smoothie.

So there you have it, three simple easy ways to bulk up the amount of protein in your morning smoothie, without having to resort to protein powders or other fillers.

I’d love to know what your favourite smoothie booster’s are, so please comment below.

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Until next time,

R xx


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