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NEW: Winter Wellness Group Coaching Program

Don’t you hate how every year around this time many of us start getting a runny nose or a scratchy cough or chapped lips!!

We can start looking a little bit less like the beach babes we’ve been feeling all summer long and looking a little more like a run down, half version of ourselves. Perhaps we’re even a bit susceptible to putting on a few extra pounds from all those comforting bowls of warm pasta (I’m definitely guilty of this)


What I’m telling you right now is that Winter is awesome. It doesn’t have to be that time of year where you pull on your fat jeans, skip exercising altogether because it’s to cold or just generally hibernate and eat carbs for 2 months.

Winter Is a chance to refuel the battery, get some much-needed R & R (thank god!!) and continue to feel AMAZING!!! Because a little cold weather and a few more germs flying around aren’t going to stop you, because you are PREPARED!!!


All you have to do is sign up to my ‘WINTER WELLNESS PROGRAM’ which is starting on the 2nd MAY and I will teach you everything you need to know to stay at your best, be your best and feel incredible during the winter season.


Come Join Me + four other amazing women on either a Monday Mid-Morning or Wednesday Evening for my Winter Wellness Program.


Program Details

Every two weeks, well met, at my house in Takapuna and go through:

  • Boosting and supporting your immune system with whole foods, superfoods, plants, nourishing teas and lots and lots of nutrients.
  • Preventing and stopping that winter weight gain, through easy to do home based workouts + lots of high nutrients, low-calorie foods that give you the energy you need.



  • How to get healthy, glowing winter skin. Your skin can get dry and dehydrated during winter with all those heaters blasting and drying out the air, so I’m here to share a bunch of tips and tricks that certainly help keep my skin glowing all year round.


  • Winter juices and smoothies that taste incredible and that are packed with all the goodies that fight off those nasties (get ready to taste test some delicious new drinks).
  • And of course, a little relaxation, because when we’re stressed and overwhelmed we store weight and our immune system shuts down. Basically, this can all end up with us just ending up fat and sick. Not ideal. I’ll teach you how to add into your day my 5-minute little relaxation tips to prevent this and to keep you at your best.


“It was easier than I thought to make changes to my diet + lifestyle + my energy levels have increased”- previous client

Who is it for??

  • Anyone’s who’s feeling overwhelmed, run down, stressed and/or those who know that each year when winter hits they are likely to catch a nasty cold and feel pretty yuck for a few weeks..
  • It’s also perfect for you if you always put on WEIGHT during winter. This usually happens because you go into hibernation, you stop exercising, start eating more and before you know it 5 kgs is added to the scales and you don’t know how to stop.
  • And lastly, it’s fantastic for anyone who just want’s to BE THEIR BEST. You know that winters are always the hardest time to stay healthy and you want to make sure that all you hard work doesn’t go out the door once the weather turns.

“I think the group sessions are an ideal environment to broaden your knowledge for eating healthy, for experiencing new foods and methods of preparation in a practical no fuss way, that everyone can easily fit into their everyday life”- previous client 


It normally costs $195 per month, or for 3 months ($585), for one-on-one coaching with me……But for my Winter Wellness Group Program, it costs just $350 for the whole 3 months!!!!!

+ Because it’s only five women per group, you’ll get a lot of one-on-one interaction and be able to ask me as many questions as you like (so start writing them down)

“Renee is so knowledgeable, approachable and caring. Her advice is achievable and fun” Previous client.



Dates + Times:

There are two options to choose from. Either Monday Mid-Morning (Group 1) or Wednesday Evenings (Group 2) It’s your choice….

Session one:

Monday Morning on the 2nd of May at 12.30pm

Wednesday Afternoon on the 4th May at 6pm

Session two:

Monday Morning on the 16th of May at 12.30pm

 Wednesday Afternoon on the 18th May at 6pm

Session three:

Monday Morning on the 30th of May at 12.30pm

 Wednesday Afternoon on the 1st June at 6pm

Session four:

Monday Morning on the 13th of June at 12.30pm

Wednesday Afternoon on the 15th of June at 6pm

Session five:

Monday Morning on the 27th of June at 12.30pm

 Wednesday Afternoon on the 29th of June at 6pm

Session six:

Monday Morning on the 11th of July at 12.30pm

Wednesday Afternoon on the 13th July at 6pm

“Renee is amazing. I highly recommend her”  -previous client

So Let’s Lock in your spot NOW!!!! There are only 5 spots available in each group coaching session so if you’re interested please email me right away!!!

This program is only available once a year, so don’t miss out!! Spots will fill up fast.

“I got so much out of the group coaching program with Renee. It was amazing how much we could cover in the time + how motivated + inspired I felt during + after the sessions” –previous client

 If you would like to know more or you’re ready to lock in your spot, email me right now at hi@reneesexton.co.nz or give me a call at 021 1597977 and we will book in your initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you very soon.

Spots Close April the 25th ……… So what are you waiting for????


##Only one spot left in the Monday Morning Group 

Q + A

How many people per group?

There are only 5 women in each group. 

Do I have to pay up all up front or are their special offers?

No, you don’t have to pay up front. You can pay $175 at the start and $175 in the middle. It’s completely up to you.

What If I can’t make all the dates?

That’s completely fine, I will either send you all of the notes from the session + all the recipes or if you are able to make the other groups session time that week, we might be able to slot you in so you don’t miss out. I am also available via email to answer any of your questions.

Where does it take place?

All the sessions take place in my home in Takapuna. We sit around in my sunroom where we have some drinks and sometimes a little snack while we chat about staying healthy over the winter season.    

If I want to sign up what do I need to do and what happens next?

Great, I am so excited that you want to sign up. Basically, all you need to do is email me at hi@reneesexton.co.nz or call my on 021 1597977 and give me your name and contact information, plus which course you are interested in i.e Mondays or Wednesday. I will then send you a questionnaire to fill out + you can then either pay all up front ($350) or $175 at the start and $175 in the middle.

We will arrange a time to meet for our initial consultation (30 minutes) which is free and there we will go into what you want to achieve from the group program. You are then all set and I will see you at the first session.

What If I’m unsure if the program is right for me?

That’s completely understandable and is exactly why I have these free 30 minute sessions available. What I would recommend is for you email me at hi@reneesexton.co.nz and we can book in a time that works for you to come and met me and we can talk about the program and figure out together if it’s the right fit for you.

What happens in each session?

Basically, I start each session with a brief catch up followed by getting everyone to say how they found the last 2 weeks and the recommendations that I gave them.

I will then go through what we are covering in the session and then get started talking about the day’s focus. We normally cover two different topics in each session and I like to allow everyone to talk and share so that we all learn from each other.

We will normally end with the goals for the next 2 weeks, go over the recipe handouts and I will pass out the gift for that session.

Occasionally we will head into the kitchen for a demonstration on how to make/ cook something. But that won’t be every time.

At the end of it all, I leave some time for questions and us generally just talk and share until we are finished.

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