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New Cooking Workshop: ‘Back to Basics’

Are you sick of looking at recipes and thinking .…… “there is no way I can make that, it looks way to hard”


 “How the hell do you cook quinoa, let alone soak it” AND for that matter “why quinoa, what is so great about quinoa??”

Don’t worry, I get it. I was there once. I used to be and sometimes still am a slightly wayward cook. I spray the walls of our kitchen with tomato puree when I cook pasta and sometimes my brown rice looks a whole lot more like a gluggy pudding than light fluffy rice. Truth be known.. I have thrown out multiple smoothies when my delicious morning drink tasted more like….well let’s be honest “crap” rather than a delicious berry smoothie.

You’re not born an amazing cook (even though I’m pretty sure Jamie Oliver was whipping up scrambled eggs when he was 3). My point is you have to learn how to cook!! And trust me it’s fun!!


I LOVE TO COOK. I love whipping up green smoothies in the morning, making bliss balls for my snacks, making and eating curries, soups or big luscious crunchy salads for lunch…..you get the point. I love food and I love to cook!!

And this is why I have decided to start a cooking workshop called Back to Basics. Interested??? Great. This is what its all about.

What it’s About?

Basically, this workshop is a series of 3 one-hour workshops. There will be a maximum of 4 women in the workshop and we will spend the hour cooking multiple foods and meals. Each workshop you will learn a new skill and recipe, you will get to try the food, get your hands dirty and at the end of it you will all go home with recipes + food. It will help you get started to eating better right away.


When is it??

I’m going to be running this FUN, NEW “Back to the Basics” cooking workshop on a Monday Morning at 10-11am and a Monday Evening at 5pm-6pm and at my home in Takapuna. It will run for 6 weeks and I will see you every 2 weeks. That’s a total of 3 one hour sessions. 


Session one:

(9th May at 10am or 5pm)

Session two:

(23rd May at 10am or 5pm)

Session three:

(6th June at 10am or 5pm)


Who is it for:

  • If you really, really want to learn how to cook healthy food but you just don’t have the confidence and you want a little guidance and support along the way.
  • If you know a thing or two about cooking but you would like to be re-inspired and taught why eating this way is good for you.
  • And lastly, really anyone who has an interest in food but is wanting to learn new techniques and ways to cook healthy, plant-based foods with a whole lot of nutritional information thrown into the mix.

pumpkin soup

What We Learn

  • Nut/seed milks – the basics – to adding in fruit/ superfoods etc for a nutritious and clean flavored milk + why dairy free milk is the best.
  • Cashew cheese – the basics + creating sweet and savory versions for salads, as a spread and as a dip.
  • Smoothies – new recipes/ variations + superfoods and goodies to add to each smoothie to make it that much more amazing and good for you.
  • Grains – we will cover how to soak + cook a few of my favorite gluten-free grains and then how to turn them into abundance bowls and other quick lunch and dinner options.
  • Simple soups – As winter gets closer I will be teaching you how to whip up vibrant soups full of flavor with no effort at all.
  • Quick snacks – a few of my favorite snack options which you can easily make each week to make sure you’re eating regularly and fueling your body properly.
  • Dressings – the secret to any good salad. We will go over a few of my favorite dressings that will turn any salad into a sensation.

my mexican baked kumera


It costs $250 for three, one hour sessions.


Since there are only 4 spots available in each group, (I want to keep it intimate and get you all in the kitchen and hands on) if you are interested you need to let me know ASAP. Please either email me at hi@reneesexton.co.nz or call me on 021 1597977.

If your not sure if its right for you, please give me a call and we can book in a time for you to come and see me (free of course) and we can figure out together if this back to basics cooking workshop is the right fit for you.

I can’t wait to met more of you and for us to get our cook on happening. It’s going to be a lot of fun and you are going to learn a whole lot of new ways to make healthy eating a breeze. Trust me.






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