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On My Bookshelf this Month: November

I have decided to start a new segment called “On My Bookshelf This Month” as a way to share my ever growing love of books and to hopefully inspire you to learn something new and creative.

Each month I will let you know what is inspiring me, from cookbooks, interesting articles, nutrition books etc, basically anything that I think you will enjoy.


This month you’re going to love my line-up of books (which were all given to me as birthday presents earlier this year). They will help you to understand and include more super foods into your diet, get creative with vegetarian cooking and learn about fermentation. Enjoy. 

Chickpea Vegan Quarterly (Summer 2015)

Cost: unsure (it was a present)

Who would love it: The vegan foodie who is in need of a little inspiration or for the newbie health nut who is testing the waters and is looking for a few vegan recipes. 

My favourite articles/recipes:

– Summer Book Reviews 

– Marinades Made Simple (especially lemon and garlic) 

– From Dairy to Sanctuary “the story of maple farm sanctuary” (such a beautiful story and article on rescued animals)

I love this magazine and every few months hunt it down from my favorite café…Unbaked Bakery.  This edition was my inspiration to start “On My Bookshelf This Month”.  I read the summer book review section, which included one of my top books “My New Roots”. 

This magazine is a great weekend read. It will give you a little bit of inspiration, a few easy recipes and a whole lot of information on how to be healthy.  This has quickly become my new favourite mag and one that I look forward to every few months.


A Modern Way To Eat- by Anna Jones 

Cost: $25 (amazon)

Who Would love it: All vegetarians and vegans, as well as anyone looking for new exciting ways to cook vegetarian meals for their families or friends, especially if they are short on time. 

My favourite recipes: 

-Blueberry pie oatmeal 

-Speedy sweet potato quesadillas (such a quick dinner) 

-Spiced salt caramel popcorn 

This is the first book written by Anna Jones who was taught to cook by none other than Jamie Oliver!  Her recipes are simple, clean and surprisingly different. Basically, every second recipe in this book I’ve noted as a ‘must try’, and I’m so excited to start ticking them off. 

Definitely a book worth owning and one that inspires creativity in the kitchen as well as getting back to the roots of our food through eating a plant-based diet. She also includes pages throughout the book where she talks you through creating a recipe and how you can use it as a tool to come up with new delicious additions to your diet. It is definitely one of my top 5 cookbooks. 

Everyday Super Foods by Jamie Oliver 

Cost: $25 (amazon)

Who Would love it: Anyone who loves Jamie Oliver and  quick and healthy mid week meals

My favourite recipes: 

-Granola Dust (different take on boring granola)

-Black Rice Pudding 

-Portable Jam Jar Salads (great for lunches)

If I’m completely honest I was a little disappointed with his latest book. I’m a huge Jamie Oliver fan and I use his recipes weekly when cooking our meals, but for some reason this one just didn’t hit the spot. I have read so many excellent cookbooks that I expect something truly brilliant when it comes from him.

I will say this though it is a good read for anyone who is new to superfoods and who is looking for a beginners guide to eating this way. But for foodies like me, I actually think that you are better off choosing one of his original books such as 15 Minute Meals that is fantastic. I still love you Jamie. 


Well, this is everything I’m reading at the moment. No time for novels as I’m spending all my time reading cookbooks. Any  recommendations would be amazing if you want to comment below. I hope you enjoyed this new segment. If there is anything else that you would like to see in this post, just let me know so I can make it happen.

Have a great day 

R x

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