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My Beauty Routine

I’m a girlie, girl.  I like pretty things, getting dressed up and of course beauty products. Before I became vegan (which is when I started to really focus my time on being my best self) I would buy the latest and greatest products. This basically meant my bathroom drawers where filled with multiple lipsticks, bronzers, mascaras etc… you name it and I had it. 

Now I know this was not the best thing I could have been doing for my body or my skin.  I decided to make a change. I decided to only use organic, natural products, products I could basically eat if I wanted to. I wanted to be able to pronounce what was going on my skin, and so that meant out with all the chemicals and a lot of my makeup and in with new exciting natural organic brands.

This is definitely something that I am passionate about now as I have made the switch and I can see the changes in my skin from using a natural beauty routine. I’m also passionate about helping others who are interested to make the switch and to share my favourite brands and products which I swear by. So welcome to my Beauty Routine.

A Models world


Given I am a model, this basically means that I don’t have the luxury of being able to completely decide what gets put on my skin, hair, body and nails and this can be really frustrating as my skin is very sensitive.

This is however part of my job.   I make sure, on my down days that I try to wear little if no makeup and to keep it very simple and natural. This allows my skin to breathe. I definitely notice the negative effect on my skin and hair after a busy week of modeling and this just reinforces how important it is to use products on your skin that are natural and nourishing.

Beauty & Diet

A beauty routine should be something you cherish. Your skin is a big part of you and so should be looked after accordingly. Your skin is also a really good indicator of what is going on inside your body. I know when my diet is lacking and that maybe I have had one too many caffeinated drinks or that I have forgotten to meet my daily water needs. It feels and looks dull and dehydrated. On the other hand when I eat fresh amazing foods and drink plenty of water my skin glows.


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Why we need to watch what we put on our skin

We absorb approx 60-70% of what we put onto our skin. That’s a lot when you consider how much of that is chemical and something none of us would consider eating. A lot of people try to ignore this fact and pretend that it doesn’t matter what goes on their skin as long as their diet is ok. We need to change this perspective and take a look at the whole body when trying to be healthy,well and vibrant.

I believe in putting only the best natural products on our skin. Think about all the foundation, concealer, powder and moisturisers that you put on your face and body each day. It all adds up.  It gives your body even more work to try and detoxify and get rid of.

The Secret to Amazing Skin ‘Coconut Oil’

Before I go into what I do every day, I feel I need to mention the amazing benefits of coconut oil, since it plays a huge part in my routine. Coconut oil is very moisturising due to its high vitamin E content. This helps with repairing skin and keeping it looking soft and young. It is also full of protein, which helps with any skin repair.  I love how gentle it is on the skin and how soft and hydrated my skin feels after use. Coconut oil is a beauty cabinet essential due to its low cost and multiple uses. I make sure to order Inhad coconut oil for my face as I love the smell and the bottle. It makes it feel special to use and different to the one I use for cooking.

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My Beauty Routine:

Face: Each morning I start by rinsing my face with cold water. Every few days I will exfoliate with Skin Foods Exfoliating Scrub, which is very gentle and smells devine. I then apply a small amount of coconut oil to my face and rub it all over my face, neck and ears. I love the smell of coconut oil and being able to use something so gentle on my skin gives me a buzz. Each week or after multiple successive modeling jobs I will apply a rejuvenating mask. I love using Dr.Hauschkas brand, which I can leave overnight for serious moisturising and rejuvenating or one of my food masks.

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Cleansers: At the end of the day I remove my makeup with coconut oil, following the oil cleansing method. I then, some days follow it up with a small amount of apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad, staying well clear of my eyes. I use the Bragg organic raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar. It is an amazing ph balancer and it leaves my skin very clean and toned.

Makeup: On the days when I’m not modeling I apply a light cover of either Ere Perez oat milk foundation or Dr. Hauschka’s tinted moisturiser. I then apply Bare Minerals stroke of light eye brightener to my under eyes. Lastly I apply a sweep of Ere Perez dark mascara, which I am slightly obsessed with as it’s very gentle on the eyes and lasts all day.


Body: I dry body brush once a day before my shower to help with circulation and to assist the lymphatic system. I use Earthwise or Aveeno body wash and every few weeks I use Frank body scrub, which is made from ground coffee beans and leaves our bathroom smelling like a coffee shop. Then I moisturise with coconut oil or Meiskin moisturiser if I feel like something richer. I use Crystal (the brand) deodorant, which I finally found after a long time of searching for one that worked but was natural. A lot of deodorants have aluminium as an ingredient which is very dangerous to the body and considering your armpits are right by your lymph nodes it’s not a good idea using anything other than a natural deodorant.


Hair: I like to use a small amount of coconut oil in my hair as a mask if it’s looking a bit dull. My hair gets a lot done to it on shoots and so a lot of the time I’m looking for something gentle, yet effective in restoring it back to good condition. Just a small amount will do and you can leave it in for as little or as long as you want. Just make sure to shampoo it out at the end otherwise you’ll have very oily hair for the day. The shampoo and conditioner I use are both from the Sukin protein range.

That’s pretty much it. As you can see I have my favourites which I stick to and I have finally found a natural range of products that I love to use but that are also kind to my skin, hair and body as well as being good for the environment. It’s a win win.

I hope reading this has helped you to realise you don’t need all the expensive junk and chemically filled products in your beauty cupboard. When you make the switch to a natural beauty routine you can help your skin to breathe, repair and cleanse itself properly while feeding it the nutrients it needs to glow. I recommend starting slowly. When you run out of a product make a conscious decision to switch it with a natural alternative.

Obviously in order to have healthy glowing skin you need to also look at your diet and make sure you are feeding your body all the nutrients that it needs in order to thrive. If you want to know about certain beautifying foods, which give you glowing skin, hair and strong nails take a look at my article.


Try using coconut oil in place of one of your normal beauty products for a week and see how you feel. I would recommend trying the oil cleaning method to start with as it’s so gentle. You will notice a difference after only a short amount of time.



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