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I am asked all the time, what I wash and cleanse my face with. Now this might seem like a strange question to be asked, but it turns out, a lot of you  want to know the secret behind clear skin. Well, truth be told, there is no secret. But there is this amazing cleansing method that I have been using for the past few years.  And I have to say, “I’m hooked”. It’s called the oil cleansing method.

Now I am lucky that I have genetically good skin, I’m the first to admit this is a bonus. But,don’t be fooled. Diet and a good cleansing/makeup routine is definitely a contributing factor. If I didn’t pay attention to what I put in my mouth,or what I slathered on my face and body, I can tell you confidently, I would not look healthy and well. A great example of this was when I was in Europe two years ago with my now fiancé. Now given the baggage weight restrictions when travelling I couldn’t take my usual products and hence  my skin care regime fell through the cracks, along with some of my dietary choices. Can anyone resist red wine in Italy or cheese in France? Definitely not the healthiest 6 months but certainly worth it.  Anyway the point is, my skin suffered. It lacked a certain glow and I was prone to regular breakouts. This was a great lesson as it reinforced to me just how important it is to eat right and to use natural beauty products.

So while we were on our OE, I did a little research on natural face cleaning products and I decided to buy some Coconut Oil while I was relaxing in the sun in Greece. It was waiting for me on our return to NZ and once used I was a converted coconut oil cleanser,raving about it to all my friends and family.


I feel that I must now share this amazing, skin glowing, natural cleansing method, in the hope that you too will jump on the band-wagon, ditch all the chemical laden products and be excited to enter into the world of natural beauty.

Firstly, before I go into the How-To steps, I have to share the story of my friend who only recently gave it a go. I’ve been telling her about it for a while now but she never really paid much attention, until finally one day she asked me what I do for cleaning. Of course I secretly jumped up and down, proud of myself for getting through to her, and then what I said was I follow the oil cleansing method. So that afternoon she popped out and brought a large jar of coconut oil. A few weeks later, while we were walking she was the one jumping up and down telling me how amazing her skin feels and how much clearer and beautiful it looks. And that was that, she was hooked and my job was done. She now religiously uses coconut oil to remove her makeup and to cleanse her skin.

What is Oil Cleansing?

Well, Oil cleansing, to put it simply is the practice of cleaning and removing make up and dirt from your face with oil. You massage a dollop of your chosen oil into your face for a few minutes before wiping it off with a warm wet face cloth. It’s really that simple.

Why Cleanse with Oil?

The reason we cleanse with oil is because the best way to remove oil is to add oil. This is just basic chemistry. I know it sounds strange, and it did take me awhile to believe it, but as you know I’m a big advocate now so just trust me, it works. This method is the best way to naturally balance the skins oil and to leave it looking and feeling clean. The oil that you cleanse with, will sink into your skin and help break away any built up congestion as it opens your pores. Basically what we want to happen is to naturally and gently remove any dirt and replace it with fresh, clean oil for your skin to soak in.

What oils are best for oil cleansing?

I am a coconut oil girl myself, and haven’t actually tried any other combinations since I find this one is perfect for me, but a lot of people use olive oil, castor oil or hazelnut oil. I recommend trying one and then if you don’t like it move onto another. I like how reasonably priced coconut oil is, and how my face and bathroom smell like a tropical island every night. It’s the little things that make me happy.

I recommend the brand that I use, which is called Indah. I order mine online and generally order two at time. Indah’s virgin coconut oil is raw and is free from chemical processing. It’s hand pressed from wild, organic Bali coconuts. I love that when you buy one of their products it goes towards supporting fair trade and the villages in East Bali who produce this product. I also love how beautiful the jar is, it makes it feel more like a special beauty product, not a regular  cooking coconut oil which you buy from the supermarket. That’s just me though.

coconut oil cleansing

How To Cleanse with Oil?

  1. First scoop out a tsp size amount of oil.
  2. Make sure your skin is dry and then start slowly massaging it into your face, neck, ears and over your eyes…massage for 2 minutes. This will thoroughly remove any makeup and is so gentle on the eyes.
  3. Once the time is up, wet a face cloth with warm water, ring it out and then gently place over your face. This will help to open up the pores. After 30 seconds gently massage off the excess oil with the face cloth.

There is no need to add any extra oil after this procedure as there will still be a fine layer of oil on the skin.

Notes: Do not worry if your skin starts to slightly break out during the first few weeks. This is completely normal and is actually the skin detoxing. Let it run its course, and in no time your skin will be at its best.

The oil cleansing method is definitely a new approach to cleansing, but I am so happy that I gave it a go and made the switch. I love knowing what I’m putting on my skin and that I’m using something so natural, gentle and nourishing.  It’s honestly very simple.  I mean if my fiancé can walk out of the bathroom massaging coconut oil into his face I’m pretty sure its not that scary and you might actually like it.


So go on, buy some coconut oil and tonight or some time this week give it a go and see the difference that natural products can do for your skin.


Renee xx

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