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Spotlight on Kombucha + Product Love ‘Nutrition By Nature’

Does this happen to you?  Things pop into your life repeatedly and it’s not until the fourth or fifth time that you think maybe you need to take notice. 

This has been happening to me, strangely enough, with a product called Kombucha, a fermented health drink. It seems every book or post I read is about gut health and the benefits of drinking Kombucha. So, I’m taking this as a sign that I should be sharing the amazing benefits of it with you. 

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is thought to have originated in the Far East, probably China and dates back to 220BC.  It is still largely used there today and is known as an ‘Immortal Elixir’.  Kombucha is a raw and unpasteurised probiotic drink that has been fermented by a ‘scoby’. Now a ‘scoby’ is a colony of bacteria and yeast that attacks beneficial bacteria to create a probiotic drink. Please don’t be put off by this. I know it sounds disgusting. If you can get your head around this you will soon realize that it is very good for you.

Why Drink Kombucha?

Our digestive system is the home of 85% of our immune system.  This means that when you have an unhealthy digestive system with an over population of bad bacteria instead of good bacteria your immune system becomes compromised. I find when-ever a client has a weakened immune system they also have a weakened digestive system. The two go hand in hand. By treating the digestive system with healthy bacteria through fermented foods such as Kombucha the digestive system can be strengthened and good health restored. Amazing isn’t it?

Kombucha not only contains a lot of good bacteria and healthy probiotics which our bodies love but it also contains many B vitamins which are great for energy, amino acids for body renewal and lactic acid for brain development and metabolism. I like to think of Kombucha as an amazing health tonic which, while I’m drinking it (and loving it I might add), is giving my body a huge dose of goodies that make me function at my best. It’s a win win.

Now, I already knew a little about Kombucha and its amazing qualities but at the time I thought it was just another health drink that I could be drinking, but wasn’t. I didn’t have time to make Kombucha from scratch. So I decided to hunt down a brand that I liked and that also tasted delicious, because I will be honest some brands were just a little bit too vinegary. This is how I came across the amazing brand Nutrition By Nature Kombucha.

Nutrition By Nature Kombucha

The company started making Kombucha because they wanted to get back to basics and use natural remedies and foods that would support and maintain the body, mind and soul. They also wanted a product that would encourage the use of organic foods.

Their Kombucha is made using only organic fair trade tea and sugar as well as natural fruit. It is made in Mangawhai, NZ.  They offer four flavours; Berry Boost, Summer Fruits, Wild Elderflower and Ginger Blue all of which come in a 750 ml glass bottle.

I tried the Berry Boost flavour that has now become my favorite mid morning drink. I love knowing that I’m giving my body lots of healthy probiotics and especially now that more and more colds and bugs gets passed around we could all use a little help from Kombucha to give us that extra boost.


Stockists in Auckland:

  • Naturally Organic, North Shore
  • NorthRidge, Albany
  • IE Produce, Takapuna

I know it might seem a challenge to start adding Kombucha to your daily diet, especially if this is the first you have heard of it but trust me, once you try it you’ll be amazed at how delicious it is and how good it feels to include fermented foods into your diet.

You will be giving your body a whole host of nutrients and with the daily addition of Kombucha you will support your immune system and help your body to be its best so it can keep you healthy and happy. I know I’m hooked and I’m sure it won’t be long before  you’ll be seeing a ‘how to’ tutorial on how to make your own.

Challenge time: Try drinking a small glass of Kombucha every day for two weeks and see if you notice any difference to your energy, your mood and your overall health. If you’re struggling with gut health, why not book in for my free 30 minute consultation, where we can work together to get your health back on track.

As usual thanks for reading.  For more information head over to my Blog for more articles on leading a healthy and happy life or check out my recipe section for lots of delicious recipes that utilize whole plant foods and nutrient rich ingredients.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see what I get up to as a Vegan, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Model and all round Foodie.

Thanks, Renee xx

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Renee Sexton

August 13, 2016

Wow congratulations...thats so exciting. I would check with your doctor first as it is a fermented drink which contains bacteria. A lot of kombucha drinks say not to be drunk if you are pregnant so I would check before adding it to your daily diet :).


July 27, 2016

I am at the end of my pregnancy and have been drinking Raspberry leaf tea, am I able to drink this Your Kombucha Berry Boost.