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To Meditate or not to Meditate…

I light a candle, roll out my yoga mat and take a seat crossed legged on the floor. I slowly place my hands, palms up and I start to Inhale.1.2.3.… Exhale.1.2.3.

Breathe in…Breathe out….

And I wait….and I wait…but nothing comes. I begin to twitch. I scratch my leg and I slowly peep through one eye. I’m sitting in my office on the floor, its 8am and I’m meditating!

No, I don’t do this every morning, But because of all the media attention that it has created, I thought to myself “is there something to this. Maybe, I should experience meditation for myself.”.

So here I am, sitting cross-legged, searching for what, that inner peace? Guidance? Waiting for a massive surge of serotonin. I don’t know, but what I do know is this… Meditating is HARD work!!!! And no-one tells you this. It’s all butterflies and rainbows and apparently you turn into Deepak Choprah and come out with a newfound enlightenment.

I sat there. I cleared my mind. I focused on my breath. But you know what happened, I started to realize I had a million things to do and I started to breathe really weirdly.

I tell you, its hard work. I was literally counting down the minutes until it was over. So my big question to you all…Is Meditating For Everyone?

Yes, I wish I could meditate and say that I spend 30 minutes every day calming my mind and my thoughts, but really I think I’m just too impatient, and yes, that probably means I would benefit the most from it But I’ll tell you that I would way rather go to Pilates or go for a walk along the beach and use that as my own form of mediation then try and push something that clearly wasn’t working for me.

We are all different. And I say, find something you love doing, that brings you calmness and peacefulness and lets you take time for yourself and then do it everyday. Let that be your own personal choice of mediation.

I bet you would get more benefit from taking this approach then by forcing yourself into something that might not work for you. Yes, some find meditation amazing and I 100% believe all the wonderful results that you can get from it, if you love it and you make time for it regularly. But I also think it does not suit everyone. We are all completely different and so of course one person’s meditation might bring them peace, while another person might experience frustration and anger.

Don’t push yourself into something that doesn’t truly align with you. It if works for you, perfect, that’s great, if it doesn’t, let it go and find something that does.

I haven’t given up fully on meditation, and I do believe one day everything will align and I will start enjoying it, but until that day I’m quite happy walking along the beach and unwinding to the sound of the ocean.

Renee xx

Affirmation of the day: “Be an individual and do what works for you”

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