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The Benefits of Starting your Day Upside Down

Firstly, get your head out of the gutter; this is not what you’re thinking, sorry guys. This is in fact an article on the many positive benefits of practicing yoga, specifically positions categorized as Asana, when the head is below the heart.

I am sure you have read or at least heard of all the amazing benefits of practicing yoga. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be stronger, flexible and yet still have a sense of calm. This seems to come to those who regularly roll out the yoga mat.

I want to talk specifically about Asana moves. This type of move helps to give your adrenals a flush, detoxifies the body and is said to create or encourage positive thoughts, something which we could all use a bit more of. It also reverses blood flow and improves circulation. Sounds amazing right!!

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I know that these types of positions are contrary to our human nature but it’s always good to shake things up and apparently our bodies and our minds agree. There are many different ways that you can incorporate Asana positions into your life or your yoga practice. There’s the obvious downward dog, which is great for beginners, along with forward folds while standing, or legs up against the wall. If you’re a little more experienced or up for a challenge you can get the benefits from headstands, handstands, forearm stands or shoulder stands.

Practicing these types of moves would be a great inclusion to a healthy lifestyle and something that all of us could benefit from if practiced regularly. I find that when I’m feeling stressed or edgy, taking the time to practice a few simple yoga moves, especially downward dog always seems to calm me down and helps me to re-center my thoughts. I challenge you to take time each day to perform one of these moves and see if you notice any improvements in your mood, your thoughts or your energy.


Thanks so much,

Renee xx


Quote for the day ” I really regretted going to yoga today”- said know one ever.

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