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How To: Get Beautiful, Glowing Skin All Year Round + My Skin Brightening Face Mask

I am pretty sure every one wants beautiful, dewy, glowing, skin but sometimes wanting it and actually having it are two completely different things. Now, I’m well aware that genetics play a part, but they are definitely not the be all end all when it comes to having great skin.

When I travelled to Europe on my OE and my diet went from green smoothies and big colorful salads to gelato, coffee, wine and bread, you can image my skin was not at all happy. I had more breakouts; my skin lacked radiance and it was always slightly oily. However, as frustrating as this was at the time, it did help me to realize the huge role that diet plays in healthy skin.

“We are what we eat”

I love this phrase and as a nutritionist I totally believe this. So, if you are one of those who choose to eat a diet full of gluten, sugar, dairy, saturated fats and processed foods you are basically eating what I like to refer to as “the bad skin diet”.

All of these foods are highly inflammatory, low in nutrients and antioxidants, and are what commonly cause poor skin health.

 Diet really is the biggest contributing factor when it comes to skin health.


So…. what’s a girl to do?

I would love you to fill your fridge, your plate and your diet with clean, unprocessed natural foods. In my view the more you include this food the better and I believe you cannot go wrong. But, because I know that it’s not that simple, I have developed a specific list of foods for you to eat for beautiful skin. This way you can start adding them into your diet one at a time. And would you look at that, they are all natural and clean foods. Funny that.!


Foods to eat for healthy, gorgeous, glowing skin

  1. Dark green leafy vegetables – full of antioxidants, vitamins B, C, E and omega 3 fatty acids. Also very cleansing and alkalizing.
  2. Dark berries i.e. blackberries, blueberries etc – very high in antioxidants and they help to fight free radical damage. Add a large handful to your smoothie each morning as an easy way to get them into your diet.
  3. Tomatoes – they are anti-ageing foods and are best eaten cooked as it enhances their nutrients.
  4. Olive oil and coconut oil – both full of healthy fats, which keep the skin glowing. I don’t know which is better, eating it or applying a layer to the skin as a daily moisturizer.
  5. Dark chocolate – yes you read this right. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids. Make sure to always choose a brand with over 60% cocoa for maximum health benefits.
  6. Avocados – rich in vitamin E and full of healthy fats. I eat probably one a day and would do so even if it wasn’t great for my skin as I am addicted to them.
  7. Flax seeds – rich in phyto-estrogens, which helps to keep the natural balance of hormones in the body and is therefore great for hormonal teenagers.
  8. Kiwifruit – rich in vitamin C, Vitamin E and antioxidants.
  9. Nuts and seeds – full of vitamins and minerals. Make sure to eat pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts as they are high in zinc, which helps to prevent acne. The more variety of nuts you eat the better.
  10. Water – this isn’t a food but I felt it needed to go on the list. Water helps to flush out toxins and helps keep our bodies clean, so drink up. Add a squeeze of lemon to the water to boost the skin glowing benefits.


So you can see there are so many foods out there that are beneficial to the skin and can help you to look your best. By adding at least 2 of these foods into your daily diet you’ll be taking great steps towards improving your skin health. I hope you will consider looking at your diet more closely or booking in an appointment with me if you are struggling with your skin.

I have included a recipe below for my skin brightening face mask. This mask not only brightens your skin but also helps to moisturize, hydrate and fight free radicals; leaving your skin glowing.

The honey and lemon are both amazing for sensitive skin, which, from my own personal experience, appreciate. They help to clear acne, smooth the skin, brighten and hydrate.

Bananas are great for soothing anyone suffering from dry skin. It’s full of vitamin A, which helps blemishes, vitamins B for fighting the signs of ageing and vitamin E that protects against free radicals.

This mask is a great weekly ritual that is not only cheap and easy to make, it helps your skin to glow on the outside while you work on the inside.


Enjoy xx


My Skin Brightening Face Mask

beauty image 2
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • Juice from ½ an organic lemon

Peel and mash the banana in a bowl. Add in the honey and juice from ½ a lemon. Stir well and then place on clean, dry skin. Let it soak in for 20 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly with cold water, which will help to close your pores. Lastly, I like to moisturize with a small amount of coconut oil.

Enjoy xx

skin face mask

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