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How to Lose Weight and feel Amazing just by Eating Breakfast!!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. There’s know way you can loose weight and feel amazing just by eating breakfast. Well I’m here to convince you, you can! This is one of my favorite topics and one of the first changes I suggest new clients consider making. I’ve heard all the excuses “I don’t have time”, “I don’t know what to eat”, “I’m not hungry”, “I put on weight when I do” etc. It doesn’t matter what the excuse is my response never changes; breakfast is not the problem, its what you’re eating for breakfast, that’s the problem.

For some reason this is one of the hardest mindsets to change. We’ve all been brainwashed to think that by skipping breakfast we automatically loose weight. This is not the case, and hopefully after reading this you’ll realise that you can you make quick and easy nutritious breakfasts, which will leave you full of energy and still loosing those last few pounds.

So, why is breakfast so important? There are so many reasons, but the main reason is in the name, break-fast. You are literally breaking the fast from the night before. Hopefully you have been asleep for the past 7-8 hours. That’s a long time to go without food or water. Yes your body does benefit from having that break from eating so it can focus on healing and repairing, but the important part of this is that when you wake you body needs to refuel. It has nothing left in the tank and it needs a boost of nutrients that will get it going. If you go skip this essential meal your body can’t function well as it’s running on backup. You’ll get to midday exhausted, starving and probably short-tempered and you’ll demolish anything and everything in sight. Sound familiar.

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Ok, so you know why it’s so important, but you are probably wondering how will I loose weight. Well, to all those people who think that by skipping breakfast they are skipping 300 calories, all I have to say to you is are you really saving all those calories when you go running to the vending machine and eat anything on offer or scoff down two portion sizes for lunch. I didn’t think so. Your body also holds onto fat when you refuse to eat regularly. So, instead of slimming down that waist you’re actually stopping your body from burning fuel and instead storing it for a famine, which it thinks is coming. Our bodies, especially us females are excellent at storing fat. This was essential back in the day when there was limited food. But today, when you can walk down the street and find what ever food your heart desires or should I say your stomach desires, its not really so important anymore. So you see the dilemma; skip breakfast, and you end up holding onto and storing fat.


Now we know that breakfast is important and that it actually helps us to loose weight, but what about feeling amazing. Well it’s really quiet simple. Through eating a nutritious breakfast every morning you are giving your body a whole host of nutrients, energy and substance for the day. This literally sets you up for success. It’s proven that when you eat a nutritious breakfast you are more likely to eat better throughout the day, and what does that do…. it makes you feel great. When you eat well and look after yourself you will feel and look amazing. It’s really that simple.


Now it’s the fun part. This is where I show you all the delicious breakfast choices that you can eat without the guilt. They will set you up for the day and provide you with a boost of nutrients, which will keep you at your best.


My favourite breakfast choices:

  • My Green Smoothie
  • Acai berry bowl
  • Quinoa, boysenberry and apple porridge 
  • Breakfast jars
  • Bircher muesli
  • Avocado smash on toast
  • Gluten free toast with almond butter and slices of cucumber
  • Cooked spinach mixed with black beans and served with mashed avocado either by itself or served on 1 slice of gluten free toast
  • Smoothie bowl served with a sprinkle of raw buckwheat or muesli, bee pollen and cacao nibs
  • Gluten free waffles served with coconut yogurt, fresh fruit and maple syrup
  • Cacao crunch smoothie + 1 piece of gluten free toast with avocado
  • Turmeric milk or any other smoothie + a small breakfast jar (great for after a workout or if you’re particularly hungry)
  • Fresh fruit served with coconut yogurt and a handful of raw almond and pumpkin seeds


Delicious right. There are so many different choices out there it’s really up to you as to what you choose. If you haven’t been eating breakfast, now is your time to literally wake up and start. Once you begin eating nutritious foods in the morning you will see that you can eat breakfast and not put on weight and instead start feeling amazing. I hope you take me up on this challenge and try making time for breakfast every morning. Even if it’s just to wiz a smoothie in the blender before you race out the door. Trust me you’ll feel great and your body will thank you for it.

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Renee xx



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