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Healthy Eating on the GO

As you know, I have a strange schedule, which changes daily. In order to maintain eating healthy when I’m on the go I need to be prepared. The way I do this is through preparation and planning. I make sure I always have my favourite items on hand that can easily be thrown in my bag at the last minute for a healthy snack or lunch.

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Some of my essentials for healthy eating on the go include:

  • Organic tea: I love the Pukka and Clippers range. They are so easy to carry with you as they are all in individual sachets. I think most of my handbags have a selection of teas, just in case. Green, Roobis and peppermint offer me a pick me up and lemon and ginger is my favourite for the afternoon.
  • Dried fruit: My favourite combinations include prunes, figs, dried apricots and dates. They satisfy my afternoon sweet tooth and are easy to carry and eat in-between shooting.
  • Coconut water: This is an essential for me. I particularly love the King Islands range and always have a supply in my pantry for days when I’m out and about. Its hydrating and full of electrolytes, which keep me balanced throughout a busy day.
  • Protein and green powder: This is not something I always carry with me but on really busy days this is always something I like to have on hand. The green powder can easily be mixed with my coconut water for a great afternoon pick me up full of nutrients and the protein powder can be added to water with some berries to fill me up if I cant find anything healthy to eat. They are great to have on hand just in case of a health food emergency.
  • Pana chocolate: Yum, yum, yum. This is probably my favourite snack to carry with me. Pana chocolate is raw, dairy and refined sugar free chocolate, which is deliciously creamy and is great to have when that chocolate craving hits. It’s a good idea to only bring one or two squares because it’s seriously delicious and before you know it you’ve eaten all six pieces.
  • Trail mix: I know this is an oldie but it’s always so yummy and nourishing. I never get sick of the trail mix. I love how I always have the ingredients to make one and it has saved me a lot of times from an angry hunger mood when I have been stuck in traffic.

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  • Bircher and fruit: Most mornings I will make Matt and myself Bircher in a jar so that he can eat it at work and I can have mine after a workout or when I get hungry. It’s so easy to make in the mornings and travels really well. Plus for some reason it tastes better eating it out of my favourite weck jars than a bowl.
  • Hummus and vegetable sticks: Who doesn’t love vegetable sticks? They’re something I always have on hand and if I’m really organised I will cut up and fill a container to keep in the fridge. Hummus and vegetables offer a perfect snack or can be added to a salad to bulk up a lunch.
  • Fruit: Obviously this one’s easy. Bananas, apples, grapes and berries are my go to as they transport easily and there’s not prep needed. I always carry one or two pieces with me for a quick snack with some dried fruit. Yum!!

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  • Bliss balls: I love a good bliss ball. I’m always creating different combinations so it never gets boring and you know they taste delicious while also filling you with healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Health bars: This is something I keep in my car and are more for emergencies. I prefer to limit the food that I eat which has come out of a packet but they are really great when you’re stuck and need something to tie you over.
  • Fresh salad and avocado: I think I add avocado to just about everything so you should be impressed there’s only one in my photo. Half an avocado topped with sesame seeds and lemon makes the best snack on its own but goes really well with any leftover salads that I have in the fridge. This would be my favourite type of lunch at home or on the go.


Never underestimate the power of planning ahead for that just in case moment. Plus you then save yourself from rushing home and devouring everything in sight. When is it ever fruit and hummus that you see but instead cakes and biscuits.

It might seem like a hassle to plan ahead, but it’s really not. I know that if I forget to plan or bring healthy food with me when I’m out, I’m always regretting it. I generally feel tired and moody by the time I’m home as I’m unable to keep my blood sugar levels balanced and you’re eating something which is not as nourishing as my food from home.

I actually, secretly, love planning my food for eating on the go or for shoots and once you start putting effort into it and trying new creations you’ll realise you feel much better when you eat healthy, unprocessed food then when your forced to eat what’s available. Plus it’s so much cheaper to bring your own food so your wallet and your health will be better off when you plan your food for on the go.


Renee xx


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